Portfolio Beef #1

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Hello front-end engineers! Welcome to my first article of my new series Portfolio Beef. I'll be creating a series of free web design templates that you can use to "beef up" your portfolio.

I encourage everyone to duplicate the template, code the website and upload it to Vercel, Netlify, or any other free hosting service. Make sure to keep an eye on all of the details, like colors, border radius, shadows and spacing. Try to make this design as pixel perfect as you can.

If you want to get notified when a new Portfolio Beef comes out, use the subscription box at the top of this post!

I wish you good luck!

(hint: Click on the Figma Icon + "Portfolio Beef #1" on the bottom of the embed)

If you've coded this site, share your URL in this tweet:

Ezenwankwo Ugochukwu's photo

This is a great initiative you got here. Well done!

iniubong Obonguko's photo

It's hard to get good designs to make one's portfolio standout. This is awesomeπŸ‘

Lazar Nikolov's photo

Thanks iniubong Obonguko. I’ll try to push a well designed template once per month. You guys have all the rights to code them, deploy them and use them to get the job you want!

Peter Thaleikis's photo

Awesome idea! Thank you!

Lazar Nikolov's photo

Thanks a lot Peter Thaleikis! I'm glad you like it!

WessCoby's photo

Awesome Lazar. Keep them coming

Benyam Seifu's photo

Perfect coincidence I was thinking of beefing-up my portfolio. Perfect hope to implement it soon. Will let you know!

Lazar Nikolov's photo

That's cool Benyam Seifu! Let me know when you implement the design. I should be releasing a #2 soon! πŸ™Œ